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Our Job Centre program equips you with the technology and resources to start offering thousands of jobs from India and abroad to jobseekers in your community. Becoming a Job Centre allows you to increase revenues using your existing resources.
SelectJobs technology platform allows candidates to register through a Job Centre and receive jobs via SMS. These candidates will come back to you for their interviews and help in post Placement Services (Police clearance, Medical Insurance, Training etc.)
  • Offer Jobs from India and Abroad
  • Get your candidates interviewed by multinational companies
  • Offer Aadhaar & Police verification
  • Best in class technology and customer service support
  • Offer medical appointment,insurance and other employment related services.
  • Enrol Jobseeker into subsidised Govt. of India training programs.
Only a computer with a normal internet connection (2G or 3G) is required to be eligible to become a Job Centre. If you don't have a computer we will provide you with the tablet computer and Aadhaar biometric device. Additionally you will receive world class training on best practices used in recruitment industry today. You will also learn how to use selectJobs platform to register candidate,broadcast SMS to them and service multinational companies in there recruitment requirements.
Best of all it is completely free to become our partner and you can start earning from day one

How It Works

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How do partners make money?

Our partner makes money on each candidate registration and when the candidate gets placed.
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