Job Mela

Job Mela is a product more suitable for volume and urgent hiring. Through our channel of JOB CENTRES we can organise Job Melas which can help the client in sourcing, interviewing and getting the candidate on board.

  • Access to a wide pool of candidates.
  • Bulk hiring in a shorter time span.
  • Quicker on boarding of candidates.
  • Branding opportunity for clients .

Job Melas done till Date

JC Activity

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Hospitality Activity

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DAC Activity

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Canoopy Activity

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Biker Rally

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UPSDM Job Fair : 20th Jan 2016

  • 350 candidates registered
  • Food & Retail Brand, BPO's, Hospitality Industries, Security Service

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UPSDM4 Image UPSDM5 Image UPSDM6 Image
UPSDM7 Image UPSDM8 Image UPSDM9 Image
UPSDM10 Image UPSDM11 Image UPSDM12 Image
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Kalyan Job Fair : 1st May 2015

  • 300 candidates registered
  • Back Office, BPO, Data Entry, Electrician, Fitter, Freshers, ITI, IT, Mechanical

Kalyan Image Kalyan Image Kalyan Image

Dombivali Job Fair : 19th April 2015

  • 300 candidates registered
  • Accounts, Back Office, BPO, Data Entry, Electrician, Freshers, IT, Welder

Dombivali Image Dombivali Image Dombivali Image

UttarPradesh - Gorakhpur Job Fair : 13th, 14th, 15th May 2015

  • 400 candidates registered
  • Carpenter, Mason, Steel Fixer, Welder

UttarPradesh Image UttarPradesh Image UttarPradesh Image

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